Cote Godoy

Cote Godoy

Director and Founder, Musical Conexion

Musical Conexion will be performing a family concert series all month in all the Allen County Public Libraries. The dates and locations are listed here.

2024 Category Winner - Social Impact

Video Transcript

Cote Godoy: My name is Cote Godoy, I’m the founder of Musical Conexion. Musical Conexion is a bilingual program for children. It’s a music and movement program. So, I work with the element of music to teach the kids how they can learn the musicality that they bring to the world. 

When I was a kid, always I felt like maybe I can play music or not. I don’t know. For me, it’s not about talent, it’s how much you like to do something to do it. So, when the people told me I have a talent or something special, because I can play music, for me it’s very interesting because they want to play music too. But in one part of their life, they stop. Somebody says you are not good, you can’t read music, or they quit. But if you want to play music, you can do it. And it’s not about if you are better than somebody else, it’s about how good can be your quality of life just because you play something that you like and you spend time doing that.  

So for me, it’s this start because I believe every kid is a musician. We’re born with this musicality. We have this way to feel the music. You start to sing before you start to talk. You start to make sounds. You start to move before you walk. So, the way you feel the music is like a meta language. I think that is the reason we create music, because we are looking to connect with others in a deep way. Music is very close to our emotions. So the way we can express our emotions is the way we can learn about ourself.  

When you can say something in the right way and you don’t have to cry or yell, that makes you feel good and express yourself is what we are looking for for these kids. So for me, I’m working in music all my life. To teach music for the kids, I feel like I’m in the best stage in all the world. And I feel the kids feel the same. So that feedback from the first time I started to do a music class, it’s super fun. We are learning and we are doing this together. And always you’re going to give me a beautiful gift because music itself is beautiful. Give more beauty to this world. So it’s not about you going to be a musician when you grow up, you know. But it’s like you have that seed inside of you. Never lose it because it’s yours. And the way you’re going to play music is going to be unique. Nobody else is going to play music like you. And that is something the world really wants to hear. I’m very present in the moment.  

If I had to tell something to myself when I was young, just keep believing in what you believe. Whatever you believe with your heart, have to be good for the world. My dream is like we can have this in different words/languages all around the world. So if you are looking for music or activities to do with your children in Japanese, in French, in Spanish, English, Chinese, whatever you can find in one place. That is my big dream. But so far we have Chile, United States and France. Me and my wife lived in Chile for five years.  

And so far seven years here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And we have this opportunity, a great opportunity, to come here to play some music. So Fort Wayne, Indiana and Northeastern Indiana is a very special place. The father of the television lived a few houses of my house. So every time I walk to that park, I think this guy was there maybe with his dog. And if you look like how many guys like this guy, like the creator of the television, Fort Wayne, Indiana is like this is the land of dreamers. And for me that is my feeling. It’s like we have all the best here to make our dreams true. But it’s going to be you who have to go and knock the door. 

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